5 most beautiful flowers in the world

1. Cherry Blossom (sakura)

the first beautiful flower from japan. we can stare at spring summer. cherry blossom have a white and pink colour. cherry blossom are found in the city of Tokyo, Kyoto, Nagasaki, and Osaka.


2. Hydrangea

This flower looks like a snowball that has a bluish white color. This interest also has abeautiful flower petals like a star. 

 flower plants native Asia (China, Japan, Korea, the Himalayas, and Indonesia) and North and South America. Hydrangea flowers are produced from early spring to late autumn.


3. Lantana

lantana 10 Most Beautiful Flowers In The World

This flower is more life in the forest, Look this is really beautiful flowers in the flowerpetal colors are truly beautiful,


4. Tulip


Tulips are spring-blooming perennials that grow from bulbs.  Depending on the species, tulip plants can grow as short as 4 inches (10 cm) or as high as 28 inches (71 cm)


5. Bleeding Heart

bleeding heart 10 Most Beautiful Flowers In The World


This flower is a flower of spring that has a beautiful red, pink and white, anotheruniqueness of this flower is its shape like a heart hanging in a row.



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